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Vietnamese Pho/Seafood Boil

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About Us


Hard Work

Our families have been cooking for over 20 years and we've served over thousands of happy customers and we will continue to work hard to serve many more customers. We would love to spread joy and happiness to our customers!


It's All About Taste

We have tried and tried for over 20 years of cooking bad, good, and the best dishes, while everyone has their own individual preferences of tastes, we believe that we have nailed it. At Asian Cajun, we offer selections of Seafood dishes: Boiled, Fried, Stir-Fried, Louisiana-styled Cajun with a little Asian twist. 


Becoming a Passion

From being only a business, it became our passion. We really love cooking for, serving to, eating with, meeting with, talking with and caring for the people who have come into our lives. All of this happens right here with us at Asian Cajun. Please join us and build great memories together with us. Call now! Come now! See us now in person!

We may not be able to choose what we want to do, but we are able to love what we already do.